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Welcome To J Y & CO, Chartered Accountants

We are a values-based firm. We strive to provide the community with personal and practical accounting and tax return assistance. We offer a broad range of services for business owners – individuals and organizations. We are experienced and we are friendly.

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Who Are We

Melding together the rich experience of two practicing Chartered Accountants from two strikingly different backgrounds J Y & CO was incorporated to offer the best of global in Accounting practices and Auditing services. The mark of J Y is that of fine training meeting nearly three decades of varied experience working with different scales and types of businesses.

What we do

We bring proven mettle and technical soundness to businesses so that they can keep control of their spends and fine tune their practices to become responsible contributors in their industry. We are passionate about sticking to classical accountancy principles and ethics while adopting contemporary thinking and practices to offer a cutting edge to your business.

Why us

What you don’t find with others that you have with us is the human-orientation. We spend time with you to understand the project and the values behind it. We translate your vision into figures and set up a trust-based relationship where we continue to help with all your queries. The growth you envisioned comes within reach as we work with you to make it a reality.